Layne Staley

I happened to catch an old “Unplugged” last night on VH1, featuring Alice In Chains. I liked Alice In Chains, in fact I liked most of the “Grunge” stuff. It reminded me of the odd and incredibly sad way that singer Layne Staley died. Overcome by heroin addiction, and the band finding itself irrelevant in the post-grunge era, Staley Od’ in April 2002.


What’s sad, is that apparently, he had been dead for close to 2 weeks before his body was found, and was so decomposed, that it took awhile to get a positive ID on him. His death was met with a collective shrug, much different than the worldwide mourning of another Seattle icon’s suicide, Kurt Cobain.  Only 200 people showed up for his candlelight vigil.

Ultimately, he did it to himself, and I don’t have a lot of sympathy for junkies, but I just find it sad that this guy was so despondent, and alone, so alone that no one missed him for 2 weeks. The guy had a great voice, right up there with Chris Cornell. 

On some level I do understand, because I’ve known addicts, and you get to a point where there’s simply nothing you can do, you have to give up on them. Sounds harsh, but anyone that’s dealt with it will understand. That seems to have happened to Staley, in a big way.

This clip, “Rain When I Die,” is some anime thing, but the track is incredibly powerful, one of my favorite AiC songs, that, like most of their catalogue now, is morbidly ironic.

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