The VMA’s Suck Out Loud

There was a time the VMA’s were cutting edge, irreverant, and had career making moments. Those days are long gone. MTV has lost it’s sense of humor and irony altogether, and now they think this is the Oscars, or the Grammys. So do the artists, like that stupid moon man means anything, especially these days, when no videos are even played on MTV.

I tried to watch this year, but all I was able to handle was checking in here and there. Sorry, but every hip-hop or rap artist sounds the same to me, I cannot tell them apart, and the same goes for Emo bands. Maybe I’m just getting old, but there just ain’t no excitement goin’ on. They’ve replaced actual interesting muscal moments with staged controversy.

I mentioned this on my other blog, I believe Britney’s horrible performance was absolutely staged precisely to be horrible. Her musical career has been irrelevant for about 5 years now, and like Tommy Lee, she is no longer famous for being an artist, she’s famous for being famous. She certainly has the ability to pull off one single song without a hitch, no matter how messed up she is, but who wants that? Being stable and together would ruin her career, and she and her people know it. Hence, a controversial performance, that leaves everyone worried about poor Britney.

The rest of the show was basically a commercial for The Palms. The performances in the suites were claustrophobic and dark, and were an excuse to get awesome helicopter shots of the balcony pools.

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