80’s Songs That Should Be Banned Forever Part 1

This will be an ongoing list, as I remember all the 80’s songs I despise. Songs that have been overplayed to the point that I want to put a gun in my mouth when I hear them. The kind of novelty of 80’s songs made them staples of radio stations starting in 1990. Most pop radio stations have some kind of “80’s at Lunch” or something like that, and these songs are used on a zillion TV shows, radio shows, commercials etc.

1.) She drives me crazy- Fine Young Cannibals.fine_young_cannibals-tabs.jpg

I hated this song when it was new, I really loathe it now. That guy’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I swear, I can hardly get through a day without hearing it somewhere. Aaaarrgghhh!

Tainted Love-Soft Cell soft.jpg

This is like the “Stairway to heaven” of the 80’s. To add insult to injury, it’s like 7 minutes long. It seems to never end, and the incessant “Ka Dink Dink” makes me want to put that synthisizer where the sun don’t shine, although I think they would enjoy that.

Come on Eileen-Dexy’s Midnite Runners 5702560.jpg

This was a cute song. For about the first 400 million times I heard it. Now? Umm…..Not cute. Let’s leave it at that, I’m trying to avoid using profanity.

Money for nothing-Dire Straits e83123z6234.jpg

You will never see me move so fast as when I hear the opening riff of this crapfest of a song. In 1985, this song was on a constant loop on MTV, and it seemed like whole radio stations were devoted to playing it non-stop. To this day, a staple on classic rock radio.

My beef with these songs is that they never went away. They went directly from over-played hit, to over-played nostalgia. We never even had a chance to miss these songs. If I never hear them again, it will be too soon……..wait….there it is….Ka Dink Dink…..

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  1. I want my,
    I want my,
    I want my MTVeeeeeeeee!

    I still like that song. 🙂

    I mostly missed the pop scene during the 80’s & 90’s so I didn’t get overdosed on a lot of this stuff.

  2. It seems I keep un-intentionaly insulting your taste! Again, no offense, just my personal ranting.

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    You have touched some pleasant factors here. Any way keep up

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