5 Important Albums (to me)

This is a list of 5 albums, or cds, that I think are either under rated, or that I just never get sick of, or that I think are masterpieces. Your opinion may vary. These are in no particular order:

1) Jeff Buckley-Grace             gracealbumqi61.jpg
This one is in the masterpiece category. Buckley died shortly after this record came out, and it’s his only truly complete album. An eclectic (I hate that word) mix of Zeppelin, Irish folk, prog-rock, and haunting ballads. This album is so intense to me, that I have to gear up to listen to it, if that makes any sense. It did well sales wise, but he remains a cult favorite. This is the album Chris Cornell will always strive in vain to make.

2) Sublime-40 oz. To Freedom      sbcd02.jpg
I never get sick of this. Another dead guy, Brad Nowell. I think they made this for like $12.00. Brad is another guy that could have done great things, had he not O’d. He was an amazing singer, and No Doubt used to open for them. In fact Gwen Stefani did a vocal on one of their songs, from another album, before No Doubt took off. Not a clunker on the whole thing, and there’s like 22 songs. This is what every “punk” band wishes they could be, the real deal, dirty garage band, punk rock reggae, but also a lot of fun. Their major label debut “Sublime” is also great, but I love the rawness of 40 Oz.

3) Tears for Fears-The Seeds Of Love  seeds.jpg
Yeah, I know, this one seems kinda gay, but I think this is a great album. The musicianship is amazing believe it or not, and for me, it really holds up after almost 20 years. Roland Orzabal is an incredibly talented singer, and guitar player. Worth the price of admission just for “Badmans Song”.
4) Van Halen-Fair Warning         albumcovers-vanhalen-fairwarning1981.jpg
I think this is the least popular Van Halen album sales wise, but for me, it’s their creative and rockin‘ peak. The fire burned into these tracks is palpable. Definitely Eddie’s best work. The thing all the fire-breathing guitar players always missed when they were ripping Eddie off, was his soul. Eddie was a really soulful player, but the tricks kind of obscured that. He’s also the perfect example of what happens to young virtuosos: they burn out. When people talk about all the awesome stuff Hendrix would have done, just look at Eddie.

5) Prince-Sign O’ The Times     b000002lbm_01_lzzzzzzz.jpg
Prince has like 900 albums, and they all have their moments, but I think he was the most focused on this one. A double album, with just tons of great stuff. Prince is hardly under-rated, but damn, he never ceases to amaze me.

You may notice these are all pretty old, but what can I say? Nobody seems to be making music worth a crap anymore.

Like I said, these are just 5 albums that I think are great, and I even admitted I love a Tears for Fears album.There’s about a million more. Feel free to add some of your classics in the comments, all 2 of you.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this post for a couple days and I’ve hesitated about posting a comment, but here’s one anyway. I’m not familiar with any of these albums actually. I haven’t even heard of the first two and have never been a fan of the others – Particularly The Artist Currently Known as Prince, But Was Formerly Known As Incredibly Pretentious. Van Halen never got any real start with me. Back in the 70’s my older brother gave me his “Van Halen” album with a dismissive “He’s a screamer” comment. That killed VH for me. Tears For Fears was big during a time when I was completely uninterested in contemporary music.

    The Big Albums for me were mostly a line up from the Big Three: Pink Floyd, The Doors & Jimi Hendrix. You can toss in Steve Miller’s Fly Like an Eagle and Kansas’ Leftoverture too. This central core guided my musical tastes for the now “Classic Rock” genre through the 80’s and the 90’s. A few years ago I got sick and tired of all and now I rarely listen to any of it anymore.

    In search of new stuff I’ve become interested in the Dance/Trance/Electronica genre.

  2. I totally agree about new stuff, nothing remotely interests me. If you like Floyd you may like Jeff Buckley. I may be a few years older than you, so for me Van Halen was right about the time I was 16-17, and they were the band everybody around here was into. Always reminds me of parties at the top of Sahara, in the desert, where Summerlin is now.

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