4 Over-Rated Guitar Players

Eric Clapton clapton25.jpg

By far, the most over-rated guitarist of all time. To be fair, his work with Cream and Blind Faith was great, but after that, he focused on songwriting, and screwing the wives of ex-Beatles, and has become a total loungey hack. He hasn’t made a good record since 1973-4. His 80’s work was terrible, and now he just sneezes out white-bread, bland, blues covers. Get over it people, he ain’t all that. Not a pimple on Jeff Becks’ ass, as far as I’m concerned.

Carlos Santana carlos_santana_narrowweb__200x257.jpg

Credit where credit is due, you can identify him after hearing 3 or 4 notes, but that’s about it. One-trick pony all day long, and hasn’t made a decent record in 30 years. Unless you really like that Rob Thomas shit. Not to mention, he’s a total loon.

Joe Satriani satch.jpg

Technically, a good player, but instrumentals fit for sports shows get old after about 5 minutes. Also, commits the cardinal sin of putting a guitar neck on a banjo. Either learn to play a banjo or don’t, but don’t cheat. Couldn’t write a song if you spotted him the chorus. Still, he’s better than his star pupil-

Steve Vai  steve_vai.jpg

Vai is probably one of the most technically great players out there, but he severely lacks one thing-heart. That boy ain’t got no soul, I think he actually did sell it to Legba. Watching him try to play blues is painful, I mean, it physically hurts. He is a total robot, which, after you’re done being amazed by his proficiancy, leaves you colder than Kaiser Soze.

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